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03 April 2011

Prices on the Rise at the Mesa Cannery

For the third time this year I received an e-mail from the Mesa Cannery with updated prices changes. Thus far, the price changes were relatively minor with only a few items becoming more expensive by a few cents. It was more annoying than alarming at that point since it meant getting every ward specialist in the stake the new information and not getting confused with older price sheets. The current e-mail I received yesterday from the cannery was different. Every item the cannery currently carries jumped in price - everything. Price jumps range from $0.05 per can on potato flakes to $1.10 price increases per can on hot cocoa. Average price increases are about $0.80 more per can. If you have been following our ward blog, you may remember last summer I challenged the ward to re-evaluate and reassess long-term storage. I hope you did and took advantage of the cheaper prices then. I personally feel with the volatile economy combined with ever rising fuel prices and the "food crisis" underway from failed crops, we have not seen the last of the price adjustments at the Mesa cannery. I am not saying this to be an alarmist but rather as a realist and as someone who has been called and set apart to help and teach families in our ward and stake to be prepared. Again, I would urge you to look at your long-term storage and decide where you need to add and replenish. If you would like to go on a Friday and do some canning for your family and would like me to go, please let me know. I am planning on a Friday or two in May to accompany already interested families to the cannery. I am more than happy to go with you and help! Both Christina Atwood and I have the updated cannery price list and Christina has the updated sign up sheet for May if you want to sign up and go. Please reassess your long-term storage and decide what you need and then sign up . . . I'm here to help you and ready to take you on a Friday - just say the word!
Yours in preparedness,

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Japanese Warning Stones and an Apostle Speaks

In one of my recent stake meetings, as we discussed a preparedness plan for all the wards, one of our High Councilmen told the group of us about this article. It discusses how along the coastlines in Japan there are ancient "warning stones" that give instruction and counsel about what to do in the case of an earthquake and pending tsunami. It is amazing the similarities that we can draw between our modern day prophets, seers and revelators and the purpose of these stones. Read it and think about how this article relates to self-reliance, obedience and preparedness. The article provides an awesome family home evening lesson as well - try giving your kids a stone with an applicable scripture written on it as a reminder of the lessons to be learned from the article. http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/04/08/limits-to-disaster-memory-even-etched-in-stone/ I would also encourage you to read this talk, The Celestial Nature of Self-Reliance by Marion G. Romney that was recommended to me today. Spiritual food for thought . . . you will be well fed. http://lds.org/ensign/1984/06/the-celestial-nature-of-self-reliance?lang=eng&query=self+reliance+spiritual

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I have compiled a quick list (including pictures) of what I consider essential canning equipment to have in your home if you are serious about canning your own produce, fruit and meat. Home canning brings a sense of satisfaction and provides nutritious homemade meals from your pantry. Home canned food is the perfect addition to your 30-day menu and 90-day supply the First Presidency has counseled us to have. This list should make it easier as you start this rewarding endeavor. Good luck and happy canning!

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